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About Us strives to educate and preserve the memory of the Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railway, an interurban railroad that was instrumental in the development of Chicago's western suburbs. It has been noted that of the three major Chicago interurban lines (the North Shore Line, the South Shore Line, and the Great Third Rail) the CA&E has the least amount of information available and we are working to “fill the gap” of information.

The “org” in

One of the most frequent questions asked about is what exactly the “GreatThirdRail Organization” is. Simply put, the “organization” is a very loosely defined group of individuals and/or groups interested in the Chicago Aurora & Elgin that have in some way contributed to this site. (Contribution can come in the form of providing images, information, or even simply visiting the website. Yes, this includes you.) Additionally, the “.org” came about to help illustrate the site's educational focus as opposed to “.com” which, more often than not, signifies a commercial venture.

Submissions Policy is always seeking new photographs of the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin. It is our mission to provide a truly substantial amount of information on the Chicago Aurora & Elgin and in order to accomplish this to the fullest extent possible, we need pictures, movies, and even recorded sounds to enhance the information we provide.

Any photographs sent to us should be submitted in Jpeg format (the extension of the file name should be “.jpg”) at a size preferably about 1024 by 768 pixels at 72dpi. (Don't stretch an image to make it fit this size.) An image of this size and resolution will show up well on a computer screen but won't look so great when printed out (this helps prevent theft). Non photographic submissions need not follow these specifications.

All submissions should be sent along with any or all possible information about the image/movie/sound (such as date, time, location, car number, et cetera). We will include a caption giving as much information as possible about the file in order to further understanding of the Aurora & Elgin. Following the caption credits will be given.

Should you submit something to for use, please note that doing so does not void your ownership of the photograph, sound, or movie. Anything submitted to and displayed on is the property of the owner and/or photographer and permission to use it is extended only to What does this mean? If, by chance, you happen to see or hear something here and would like to use it, please do not contact us regarding obtaining permission to use it elsewhere as we can't grant anything of the sort. However, permission may be granted by contacting the owner/photographer whose name will appear at the end of the photograph/sound/movie's caption.

Additionally, it is our policy to stamp our logo and the name of the photographer and/or owner in the lower corners of the image(s) to discourage unauthorized reproduction. If you wish to maintain the appearance of your image and don’t want such things to appear on your photograph, please let us know. If you tell us not to, we won’t do it.

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