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Poss Road

LocationMolitor Rd between White Oak Cir. and Hackney Dr.
Aurora, IL 60502
Original LineAurora, Elgin & Chicago Ry
Previous NamesN/A
Platforms1, low level
Flag stop


The unidentified stop pictured on this postcard was typical of the local stations on the Aurora branch in the early years.

Postcard from the collection of Don Bosan-Bruno

Poss Road was a local station on the Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Railway. This was one of a handful of smaller stops intended as part of the railway’s initial stopping scheme, but was ultimately not opened on August 25, 1902, opening day. Instead it opened a short time afterward, by October.1

Poss was a small stop at the crossing of Poss [Molitor] Road2 near unincorporated Eola. Typical of the AE&C’s rural stops, the station consisted of a single, low-level platform constructed from wooden planks.

Poss continued to appear on public maps until at least 1905. Ultimately, it would be one of the railroad's earliest closures with abandonment occurring sometime prior to 1920.


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