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The Warrenville station seen looking southwest on March 28, 1957. The brick building was built to house one of the railroad’s substations and was identical to the ones at the Lombard and 5th Avenue, Maywood stations.

Photo by P Stringham, from the collection of William Raia


Warren Avenue and Stafford Place, City of Warrenville


Full station profile and history coming soon.

Additional Photos


The Warrenville station in a second life. In this March 1997 view, the Chicago Aurora & Elgin as a railroad is gone and the Illinois Prairie Path has taken the place of the tracks, but the Warrenville station soldiers on serving as Warrenville city hall. By the time of this photo, seen looking east, the canopy has long since been removed and roof has been redone, giving the building a very different appearance from the days of the Roarin' Elgin. It would later be demolished in 2003.

Photo by Bill Vandervoort