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A crowd of people board a two car train at the Elgin Terminal circa 1908. Car 306, built by Niles, is at the rear.

DN-0053435A, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago Historical Society.


Chicago Street and Riverside Drive, City of Elgin


Full station profile and history coming soon.

Station Timetables


Sep. 25, 1938


Feb. 10, 1942


Nov. 06, 1942


Oct. 29, 1950

Additional Photos


We catch a two car train consisting of a Pullman and a Cincinnati in a relaxing moment as the pair waits along the bank of the Fox River at the Elgin terminal on June 21, 1942. Both trolley poles appear to be locked down leaving the state of this train rather ambiguous. Has this train just come from Wells Street or is it ready and waiting for the next trip to Wheaton and downtown Chicago?

Bob Crockett, C Scholes


Car 427 poses with its train crew at the Elgin terminal in March 1938. The rear trolley pole is in position and this car is most likely about to depart on its way to Chicago.

Photo from the collection of Jay Williams


All of the A&EC’s terminals along the Fox River were located within storefronts. The Elgin terminal was housed within the building containing the Elgin Opera House. Unlike the other terminals, passengers boarded trains behind the building, rather than in the street in front. In 1910 the Opera House was remodeled and renamed the Grand Theater, as seen in this postcard photo. The Grand Theater and the Elgin terminal were destroyed by a tornado that swept through this part of town killing eight, injuring dozens more, and destroying most of the business district on March 28, 1920.

Postcard from the collection of Don Bosan-Bruno