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Hollywood (known as Renwick until the late 1940s) was the flag stop at the crossing of Raymond Street in South Elgin. In 1956, a single 450 series car has stopped here. This extra (as denoted by the white flags) is probably part of a railfan excursion.

Photo from the collection of Mark Llanuza


Raymond Street near Riverview Avenue, Village of South Elgin


Full station profile and history coming soon.

PP_hollywood1.jpg MUSEUM_hollywood1.jpg

Left: The location of the Hollywood stop, seen on May 9, 2010, is now a section of the Illinois Prairie Path. The railway continued without a turn, however the path zig-zags (as seen in the foreground) to provide a perpendicular crossing of Raymond Street.

Right: The Hollywood shelter was moved off of the CA&E right-of-way and saved. It is now on display at the Fox River Trolley Museum as seen on May 9, 2010. At the time of the photograph, the shelter had been recently repainted into the red and blue-gray scheme of the railroad’s latter years.

Both photos by Don Bosan-Bruno