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An eastbound two-car train rushes past the Garden Home station and the 51st Avenue grade crossing in Hillside.

Photo by Robert Heinlein

Garden Home

51st Avenue near Butterfield Road, Village of Hillside


Garden Home was a local station on the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin’s main line at the crossing of 51st Avenue near Butterfield Road in Hillside. Garden Home opened in late 1902 as Butterfield Road, being one of a handful of stations that opened shortly after the Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Railway began service.1 The station consisted of two, low level platforms outfitted with flag stop semaphores. The platforms were placed on opposite sides of 51st Avenue, with the eastbound platform east of 51st and the westbound platform on the west side of the crossing.

Nothing of Garden Home has survived to the present day; 51st Avenue no longer even crosses the right of way which now serves as the Illinois Prairie Path.

Full station profile and history coming soon.

Station Timetables


Oct. 29, 1950


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